Read faster, several times

Dessert and I went to the desert to have some fruity dessert.

We got to the desert’s dessert bar called ‘Fruity Desserts’ owned by a deserter. 

But Dessert forgot to bring our dessertspoons to the desert pool.

The desert’s dessert bar’s dessertspoons weren’t dessertspoonful. 

Have you ever seen a desert’s dessert bar near a pool whose dessertspoons aren’t dessertspoonful?

So Dessert and I deserted the desert’s dessert bar near the pool in search of dessertspoons that were dessertspoonful. 

She and I deserted the desert’s dessert bar to get dessertspoons that were dessertspoonful.

Dessert and I found some dessertspoons in a deserted desert shop.

Settling in the desert to eat the fruity desserts we bought from the desert’s dessert bar with dessertspoons we bought from a deserted shop.

Dessert discovered the dessertspoons weren’t dessertspoonful. 

‎Never will I take Dessert to a deserted desert for some fruity dessert without dessertspoons that are dessertspoonful.‎


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